About Our Adoptions

Our organization provides pet adoption services to families located in Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, Southern Pennsylvania and neighboring states. We believe in responsible adoptions and strive to work with each adopter to find a good match for their home and lifestyle. Our adoption process includes completion of an application, a review of reference checks, vet checks, an interview and a personal “meet and greet” where the family can meet and interact with their potential new four-legged family member. Throughout this process, we work to ensure each family and dog are the right fit for each other.

We are fortunate to have some wonderful and active volunteers who help OPH find forever homes for over 1,000 dogs a year. The key to that statement is - volunteer! Please remember that our organization is driven by caring individuals who give their personal time to help rescue these dogs and provide them with the opportunity to find an amazing future! In addition to adoptions, volunteers carry out education and outreach events throughout the area, and conduct donation drives for our partner shelters in the south.

Our goal is to offer a second chance to dogs abandoned in shelters and out of time. Sadly, without our help, all of these adoptable animals would face almost certain euthanasia - usually within days or hours of arriving at the shelter. Each year we rescue hundreds of wonderful dogs. We work hard to unite them with forever families who will give them the life and love they deserve. These dogs are saved only because of the dedication of our incredible adopters, fosters, donors, and volunteers.